Who We Are

Pittman Supply Company got its beginnings in 1982 with the opening of P&G Plumbing Supply South in Dallas, Texas. In 1998, P&G’s sister company, Pittman Plumbing Supply, was opened in Carrollton, Texas to serve the North Dallas area.  In early 2016, P&G Plumbing Supply South and Pittman Plumbing Supply started operating as one entity under a new name: Pittman Supply Company

Pittman Supply Company is owned and operated by the second generation of the Pittman family, one that understands the importance of customer needs and exceptional service.  Although headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, both the Dallas and Carrollton branches are fitted with a warehouse and distribution center as well as a counter sales area.  The company’s luxury showroom, Texas Bath & Kitchen, is located at the Carrollton location.

Both branches stock everything for your plumbing supply and HVAC needs. Our inventory includes everything from pipe and fittings to tubs, showers, sinks and toilets. Texas Bath & Kitchen Showroom features some of our most popular brands such as American Standard, Gerber, California Faucets, Moen and Delta, and has a full-time accredited designer ready to meet your design needs.

John “Scott” Pittman – Owner, Pittman Supply Company

A resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area since birth, John “Scott” Pittman, grew up around the plumbing industry.  His father started P&G Plumbing Supply in Garland, Texas when Scott was just 12 years old, and a few years later, P&G Plumbing Supply South in Dallas, Texas.  When Scott set out for college in 1988, he decided to go into the family business and studied Industrial Distribution.  He graduated in 1993 from Texas A&M with a degree in the same subject and started his career in the plumbing industry as a salesman for a local distributor.  After a few years, Scott started working alongside his father at P&G and has been involved with the company ever since.

In October of 1998 P&G’s sister company, Pittman Plumbing Supply, was opened in Carrollton, Texas to serve the North Dallas area. Scott was the Vice President of both P&G and Pittman Plumbing Supply for 15 years before he took over as President for both companies.  Recently, the two companies merged and now operate under the name of Pittman Supply Company.

Having grown up and worked in the industry for upwards of 25 years, Scott Pittman carries a wealth of knowledge about plumbing fixtures and supplies.   Although owner and President, Scott is not just a figurehead but the top salesman for Pittman Supply.Scott prides himself on running a business that offers quality plumbing supply and HVAC products to contractors and individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.